Impending Motherhood

It’s official. Jazzy’s ultrasound
shows that she is in whelp.
Zulu Kennels has bred her back to Moon Lord Nelson V Zulu (aka Nelson) once again. The first pairing, 2 years ago, was so successful that the breeding has been repeated. Puppies are due in early November 2010. Several have already been spoken for. If you are interested in reserving a puppy, go to the Upcoming Litter section of the webpage for more details.
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Happy Birthday Jazzy!!

Today is Jazzy’s 5th birthday.
We spent the day up at the farm (Zulu Kennels) visiting some of her Rottweiler relatives (mother LadyHawke, brother Kojac (Zulu Monarch De La Mer), and daughter Orchid from her 2008 litter). The beautiful sunny warm afternoon was a welcome change from the cooler weather of late. All of the dogs got ‘birthday cookies’ and a refreshing bath.
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Miss November 2010

Jazzy is now famous.
She is Miss November in the 2010 calendar ‘For The Love of Rottweilers 2010’ edition from Brown Trout Publishers. She struck a beautiful pose (standing next to the rail fence) for the photographer (Mark Raycroft). Jazzy needed little coaching and took to her ‘modelling pose’ like a pro. She is a beautiful girl (a completely unbiased opinion on my part)!!
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Growing up - First four years

I will not bore you with the details of her training in conformation, obedience, rally obedience, agility, disc dog/frisbee, and tracking. You can see photos of her doing many of these things on her website. At three years of age, Jazzy had a litter of 10 puppies in Sept 2008. Like mother, like daughter I guess....big family. The sire was Moon Lord Nelson V Zulu. Both parents have excellent temperaments (which they passed on to their offspring). The puppies were whelped and raised at Zulu Kennels. I was there much of the time and enjoyed watching as the little puppies grew and developed personalities of their own. I was a little sad to see them go off to their new homes but also happy in knowing that they were going to loving families and starting lives of their own.


My rottweiler puppy,
Zulu Minerva De La Mer (aka Jazzy), was born of champion stock (mother – CH Zulu Ladyhawke De La Mer and father - Gamegards Quiet Man V Lynos), in a litter of 10. She was assigned a bright yellow ribbon at birth by the breeders Liz & Elizabeth Miller (owners of Zulu Kennels). The bright ribbon matched her personality and out-going attitude. I had my eye on her from the beginning. I was thrilled to be given my ‘favourite puppy’ when the time came.
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